Alaskan Law Could Be Used To Protect Legal Marijuana in California

The people that live in Alaska are some of the most independent, hard-working, and self-sufficient American citizens around, people that constantly face some of the harshest conditions Mother Nature could choose to throw at us – and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes across this great country.

They depend on firearms to protect themselves not only from animal attacks (vicious grizzlies, wolves, and all kinds of other apex predators are constantly on the prowl in Alaska) but also from other people living in this state when the average police response time is almost always measured in hours – if not days.

When lawmakers in Congress started talking about finding ways to limit firearms across the United States, state senators in Alaska decided that they weren’t going to allow representatives that didn’t speak for them – most that had never even visited Alaska – decide something as important to their day to day lives as this.

In 2012, Speaker of the Alaska State House Mike Chennault put forward a bill that was quickly ratified, a bill designed as a “nullification bill” that would all but invalidate anything the US federal government decided to do regarding the personal possession, acquisition of, or continuous ownership of a firearm in the state of Alaska.

The bill, House Bill 69, wasn’t going to be able to actually step in and overruled the federal laws that never actually ended up being passed but was instead designed to totally limit and invalidate the ability for federal law enforcement officers to work with ANY state agencies or officials looking to curb these constitutional rights.

This law is still on the books (and likely will remain on the books indefinitely in independent minded Alaska), and lawmakers in the state of California are starting to pay close attention to the way that this legislation was written and passed to take advantage of the same kinds of nullification benefits – not necessarily to protect firearm rights in the state of California, but to be used to protect the recreational use of marijuana.

California assemblyman Reggie Jones Sawyer has just recently introduced new legislation that would stop any California state official from participating in ANY federal government led crackdowns on cannabis or marijuana without court orders that had been specifically signed by state judges.

If this law is successfully passed into existence and signed by current Gov. Jerry Brown, federal agencies would have to receive a court order just to get public records pertaining to the marijuana and cannabis industry throughout the state of California, as dui lawyer San Francisco believes. Because existing laws specifically bar the Justice Department from interfering in state laws regarding cannabis and marijuana, that seems all but impossible to pull off right now.

The spirit of these two laws are almost identical in nature and reflect the approach to self-governance that more and more states are starting to embrace, regardless of what their over arcing political beliefs may be in the grand scheme of things.

What You Need to Know about Crime in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska is a beautiful place, where the sun shines almost 24 hours a day in the summer and winters are chilly indeed! This city offers plenty of unique charm and natural beauty. It’s got Gold Rush roots and there are tons of heritage sites in the area, including a few fascinating museums. As well, the city is a reasonable place to buy property, as houses range in value between 150k and 200k, depending on where in the city or its nearby North Star Borough they are located. If you’re interested in visiting Fairbanks or moving to this Alaskan city, you’ll benefit from getting the sort of inside scoop that tourism marketing materials don’t typically provide. This means access to information about crime statistics in the city and its borough, argues car accident lawyer Ukiah. We are here to give you the information that you really need…

Let’s not sugar-coat it…there is crime here. It’s a place with moderate crime levels and it’s important to know this before you visit. It’s the first step to protecting yourself while you visit.

DUI Rates in Fairbanks, Alaska

As it is in all fifty American states, drunk driving has been a problem in Alaska, including Fairbanks. Since specific up-to-date stats for DUIs in Fairbanks aren’t currently available, let’s look at DUI crime in Alaska in 2013. Overall, there were 15 alcohol-related deaths in the state during this year. As well, 29 percent of traffic fatalities were triggered by alochol.  DUI statistics can be misleading since an alcohol related accident means that alcohol had to be involved, even if it was just the passenger who was under the influence.

General Crime Rates in Fairbanks

In regard to general crime rates: in 2013, there were no murders in the city and 34 rapes were reported. In terms of robberies, 37 of them were committed during 2013. As well as142 assaults reported during this time frame. 103 cars were stolen during that year and 4 acts of arson were committed. While rape numbers are rather high, especially considering most rapes go unreported, other crime rates are more in keeping with national averages, such as crime rates for Chicago. However, crime rates in Chicago are also on the high side, so many people do perceive Fairbanks as a high-crime region..

Most cases of rape which are reported in the city are reported by women (or men, in some cases) who knew their attackers. Many times alcohol is major factor. For this reason, women who want to stay safe should avoid heavy drinking at local bars or nightclubs and be careful about whom they hang around with. Self-defense courses may also help women to feel more secure. Fairbanks has a crime rate which is forty-seven percent higher than the national average. However, it is still safer than many cities in America. If you live in the city, chances are one in twenty-two that you will be the victim of criminal activity. Crime levels have decreased by four percent, versus other years – however, there is still work to be done in order to make Fairbanks a safer place, for women and men alike.

In general, crime rates in Alaska are higher than those of other American states. Crime in Alaska is higher than it is in seventy-eight percent of other states. So, personal security, security of possessions and security of property should be a focus if you’re planning a move to the state. If you’re a tourist, the act of being aware of higher crime levels will allow you to be careful as you explore Fairbanks. Protecting your valuables and your person and staying in places where crimes are less likely to take place will help you to feel safer.

Fairbanks is beautiful and it has a lot to recommend it. However, in terms of crime, it’s not as safe as some other American cities. By sharing the hard facts with you today, we hope to make it easier for you to decide whether or not to spend time in the city.

Learn All About Fairbanks, Alaska

If you’re looking for a place to visit – or live – which provides tons of charm, epic natural beauty and a sense of authentic pioneer spirit, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Fairbanks, Alaska. To help you discover the features of the area, from basic facts about the city, to the history, weather and things to see and do in Fairbanks, we’ve created a comprehensive guideline. Our goal is to help you decide whether or not Fairbanks, Alaska is the right place to live or vacation…

Basic Facts about Fairbanks

This city is found in the interior section of the state and the city proper features a population of just over thirty-two thousand people. The region’s North Star Borough has a population of over one hundred thousand people. Next to Anchorage, you’ll find more people living in the city and its nearby borough than anywhere else in Alaska, except Anchorage.

History of Fairbanks, Alaska

This city was founded by a captain named E. Barnette way back in 1901. He meant to establish a trading post elsewhere, but found that his steamboat went aground on the shores of the Chena River. When Barnette exited the boat, he ran into gold prospectors who were sifting for gold nearby and these men began to extoll the potential of the region.

At this point, Barnette decided to establish a trading post there, rather than his originally intended location. He meant this to be temporary. But he stayed and Fairbanks, Alaska was born…


Alaska isn’t renowned for its balmy climate and Fairbanks is no exception. During the winter, temperatures may dip as low as minus 54, which they did in January of 1934. The warmest it has ever gotten is 99 Fahrenheit, during July of 1919.

Things to Do in the City

In the summer, the sun never stops shining – it’s out there almost 24 hours each day, and the people of Fairbanks use the sun’s golden rays in order to energize and rejuvenate. They pan for gold, explore the Chena River, look for wildlife, such as musk oxen, hike nearby trails and visit a range of cultural hot spots, such as heritage sites, galleries and museums. During winter, all manner of entertaining outdoor activities are recommended, from snow shoeing to dog sledding and beyond. There are plenty of places to warm up when the winter chill starts to seep into your bones… If you’ve just arrived in Fairbanks, you may want to access help with your trip planning by dropping by the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center, which is a wonderful place to gather information about Fairbanks and get expert advice from locals. This Center features some fascinating exhibits which are interactive and special events happen frequently.

If you’d like to earn bragging rights by hanging out with a bunch of reindeer while you’re in the area, be sure to plan a fun outing to the Running Reindeer Ranch, which will give you the freedom to walk alongside these beautiful animals and pet them if you wish to. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of Fairbanks, Alaska, while making some new animal friends, found a Sacramento Car Accident Injury Attorney. Expect some cookies and warm drinks after your reindeer walk – the proprietors make everyone’s visit pleasant and this attraction has great reviews on TripAdvisor.

If you want to connect with the intellectual heart of the city, be sure to drop by the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Great art and zoology exhibits are found on campus and you’ll also get a taste of Fairbanks social life, as this post-secondary educational facility is a hub for students of all ages.

Is Fairbanks Right for You?

Now that you’ve learned more about Fairbanks, why not choose it as your next vacation destination? Some people who want a complete lifestyle change decide to move to Fairbanks, as it allows them to experience a more natural lifestyle, amidst so much unspoiled beauty. From the days of the Gold Rush and beyond, this Alaskan city has captivated and it continues to inspire new generations.

Average housing prices in Fairbanks are around 175k, depending on the neighborhood, so it’s definitely an affordable place to put down roots. If you don’t mind the winter chill and summers in the “land of the midnight sun”, you’ll adore Fairbanks, Alaska.